Rug Deep Carpet Cleaner


  • Professional Grade carpet washer uses Dual Cross Action Brushes to scrub away dirt and remove stains. The scrub brushes deep clean each fiber from every angle and the grooming brushes polish carpet for plush results
  • 75 percent more suction than comparable machines means a quicker clean and dry time. Simply pull the Deep Carpet Cleaner to see immediate results.
  • The Deep Carpet Cleaner is CRI (Carpet + Rug Institute) rated Gold for Best in Class Cleaning Performance. It removes more dirt than comparable machines and will not void your carpet warranty.
  • The included Upholstery Tool allows you to clean furniture, upholstery and hard to reach areas. The Super Boost Spray option cleans high-traffic areas that need extra attention.
  • Quick results leave your carpet smooth, bright, fresh and clean. Quick dry takes up to 4 hours. Use Rug Doctor cleaning solutions in the Deep Carpet Cleaner for the best results
The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner extracted more water from our carpet than any other machine we tested, so we didn’t have to wait around for the floor to dry.
However, it struggled in other tests. For example, it took a long time to remove stains. The machine removed them all, but it took longer to do so. The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is also relatively large and bulky, which makes it difficult to store. This is the heaviest machine we tested, which was noticeable at times as we maneuvered around furniture. Still, it moves well for its size. This carpet cleaner is user-friendly, and its tanks are easy to remove and clean. At times, it was hard to figure out how much detergent to use – other machines make measuring simpler. The Deep Carpet Cleaner is better suited to big cleaning jobs than other models we tested – it has a long cord, large tank and wide cleaning path, so it covers ground quickly. It also comes with a hose and attachments to clean furniture and stairs. This large machine is a pretty significant investment. In fact, the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is the most expensive machine we tested.

We spent hours poring over articles about cleaning carpets and removing stains as well as reading reviews of popular carpet shampooers. After we homed in on the products you are likely to come across in your search, we narrowed our list to the 10 best and purchased them to test hands-on.

Since you may prefer to rent a commercial carpet cleaner from a big-box store, we tested a few, including a Rug Doctor and a Bissell Big Green Machine. They extracted water better than the household models we reviewed. Still, some left behind stains. Also, the cost of renting adds up after a while – as does the residue from all that soap, said Doug Payne, owner of the Utah-based Payneless Floor Care.

Payne has more than 30 years of professional carpet cleaning experience. He said the problem with both the store-rented and the store-bought machines we compared is they don’t have enough suction and overuse soaps and detergents, most of which are completely unnecessary. Payne said nothing can replace a professional cleaning every six months to a year, depending on your budget.

“Your carpet is the largest filter in your house,” said Payne.

You need to switch out that filter, like any other, or at least have it thoroughly cleaned. Even frequent vacuuming is not enough to maintain carpeting properly because it only picks up loose dust. Vacuuming can’t release the sticky stuff that accumulates – cooking oils, body oils and other stuff dragged in on your feet. Dust and other residue then sticks to that.

He concedes that the machines we tested might be useful for maintenance between professional cleanings and for spot cleanings, especially if you have pets in the home. However, he recommends using very little soap because it just makes your carpets stickier, which attracts more dirt.

How We Tested

I took all the machines to my home, assembled them and used them to clean a variety of messes.  For one test, I piled potting soil onto light-colored carpet, moistened it, ground it in and then vacuumed it the next day. I also poured grape juice on the carpet and left it to dry. The machines that cleaned those messes off the carpet with the fewest passes scored the best.

I also measured how much dirty water each carpet cleaner extracted after running the tests. The more water the machine extracted, the better it scored.

In addition, I scored the carpet cleaners based on maneuverability and maintenance. These scores account for how long it took me to perform basic maintenance, such as emptying and cleaning the tanks, as well as how easy the machines were to maneuver around furniture.

Finally, I consider the amount of noise each machine makes while it runs. Quieter machines were preferred.